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We are a Creative Studio based in Bucharest with a special set of skills.
We know that line is "taken" but that set of skills really exists.
We're mad about design, about image, about communication and really mad about people. We love watching brands come to life and achieve their full potential and we love it when it is our job to do it. Some of us like coffee, but most of us like beer.
That shouldn't be an issue because we don't like going to the shop downstairs.
What's certain is that we all love what we do.

Oh, and we have a lab named Carlos and it's a girl!


  • we mark |TEAM BUILDING

    How about some Team Building with ROI? We know team building is an integrated tool in the Employer Branding campaign, but if you want to start like this we recommend that your investment should return some measurable results. Keeping an employee happy, knowing what motivates and also what demotivates them, making different people work together or increase your employee's efficiency, these are not just legends, but achievable results if one does the right things. The fun part is that all this doesn't have to look like a visit to your doctor. We design custom team building events , we take care of all travel arrangements and we make sure every penny is spent efficiently.

  • we mark |BRANDING

    We know how much noise is out there and we also know you want to leave your special mark on the world. Say no more.We discover and develop your one and only DNA, following your insights and what makes you, the brand, you. From visual identity to a powerful and authentic voice, we help you craft that mark, that story, that specific place in your fan's mind.Research, concept design, naming, tone of voice and content creation, brand strategy and brand activities - they're all a mark of your singularity. We make that happen.


    Marketing, PR, communications? Which one is it? In a digital and crowded landscape, it's all integrated. But that doesn't really matter. What matters is finding the right way and the right how for you to get to your audience and fans.We mark that, too. Content creation, content curating, social media strategies and digital campaigns, in a single phrase - content marketing - is that special little something that truly marks your brand and audiences alike. Everyone is tired with all the information floating around. Plus, you want to have a matching pitch for your tone, right? We design relevant, influential, and authentic content according to your needs. And we help identify those needs, too.

  • we mark |VISUAL

    Everyone has a story to tell, brands even more so. The challenge is to set the right tone, visually speaking. That's why we mark you in detailed worlds of design, photography, film and, even, cinemagraphs. Your fans will be hooked and will remember that special something in their eyes. After all, visual is the evergreen trend, and we can craft that brand universe so that everyone knows you. From concept to script, from our studio to your imagination, from brand DNA to specific visuals, we take care of everything. Minimalist, black and white, colourful, playful, geometric and so forth - we build your singular narrative in lines, shapes, frames, and cuts.


    Branding is meant to work for employees also. The race for talent is always on and your company needs to make sure they're the candidate's first choice. The right assessment leads to the right market research and then it provides the perfect strategy to put on the most efficient Employer Branding campaign. The thing about Employer Branding campaigns is that they're different even if the clients are similar. You are the best at building your business, so we are not going to teach you how to do your job. We know branding, we know how to communicate and we sure know how to tell the right people about you and the great work experience you offer.

  • we mark |CONSULTING

    By our powers combined we will leave any superhero jobless as together we can make bulletproof strategies nobody needs to save. One could imagine that we will spend endless nights together drinking a lot of coffee, ordering pizza and throwing genius ideas around. It's a bit time and energy consuming, don't you think? The reality is that we are pretty efficient, but if you want that, we're happy to pull an all-nighter. We need you to be well informed and always fully aware of the actions you take. This is why you can use our expertise in all matters concerning communication and image anytime. For us, consulting work means “partnership” with our client. No matter the size of your company or even the size of your budget ,we are there every step of the way, making sure you get the best results. Of course, we will also make sure that we are very proud of what we achieve together.



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Str. Capitan Gheorghe Preotescu 15, Bucharest

Address : Capitan Gheorghe Preotescu 15
Bucharest, Romania